Greater Brandon Meals on Wheels

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Who We Are

The mission of Greater Brandon Meals on Wheels is to provide a service of supplying nourishing mid-day meals from Monday through Friday to those in the Brandon, Florida community who are unable to serve themselves.  Their needs may be temporary or permanent; they may be physically or emotionally ill, handicapped in some way, young or old.

Greater Brandon Meals on Wheels coordinates the activities of the member churches.  The providing, preparation and delivery of these meals is the responsibility of each of the member churches involved.

A hot lunch, complete with main course, a starch, vegetable, salad, bread and dessert is cooked, assembled and distributed by volunteer members and friends of the participating member churches.   Each church is assigned a specific entrée for each month (chicken, pork, beef, or fish); therefore the client receives a different entrée everyday of the week.  

Clients are initially screened to verify the need and selected by Greater Brandon Meals on Wheels, through established guidelines by the program.  Clients are referred through various organizations, churches, family, physicians, clinics, neighbors or friends.  

The main criterion is that both the client and anyone in their immediate household do not have the ability or means to cook or drive, thus preventing them from having the access to a nourishing noon time meal.   

This program is truly a mission of many hearts and many hands that contribute to the success of this ongoing program for the benefit of those in need in the Brandon community.   The funds that maintain the program consist of contributions from the clients, the member churches and donations from the community.    No government funding is received by Greater Brandon Meals on Wheels.   Donations, either in kind of food or supplies or monetary contributions are always welcomed. 

Osprey Observer - February 2011